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Middle Name Danger

MND is the brainchild of musical homies and bloodbrothers Izzy Strange and Joshua “Zeus” Thomas.

Formed in 2012 with a Self-Titled CD, the first project was developed to experiment with their sound which had grown to feature complex lyrics, matched with Zeus’s indie-pop influenced choruses and production. Izzy handled the job of storyteller on the first two volumes while Zeus created the soundscape to match, placing featured verses and choruses where they fit. By the end of 2012, their second mixtape “Generation Why?” showed a vast improvement on the the formula.

“It’s All In Your Head”

Middle Name Danger - "It's All In Your Head" (2014)

Middle Name Danger – “It’s All In Your Head” (2014)

MND’s new project,“It’s All In Your Head” is now out, featuring production by Zeus and J.Mike with an appearance from indie hip hop legend, Moka Only.

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