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Stephen Hernley better known as Izzy Strange is an artist, producer, and Co-Founder of Beasley’s Corner Bodega based in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA in the small town of Scottdale. With a love for pushing his own limits, Izzy has a diverse arsenal of music. He’s in numerous groups and side projects such as Middle Name Danger with Zeus and Strangers With Candy with his brother, Chuurch, where he experiments with his approach, delivery, and over all input. Each project is a way to present a different perspective, and allows a broader look at who Izzy is.

Strange got into hip-hop at very young age, as far as a listener. He was introduced to the music by his uncles who would play the likes of; 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes, Master P, etc. Towards the end of his Elementary School days, he started to show interest in writing songs. Writing started to become a way for Izzy to vent his frustrations of the world. Towards the end of his high school career Izzy met BCB CO-Founder, Zeus. A mutual friend had mentioned Zeus had showed some interest in producing, so Izzy decided to approach him with his rhymes. Zeus in turn encouraged Izzy to record and the two started to put together material. Eventually Izzy and Zeus started sharing equal interest in both rhyming and producing. From there, the two have ventured down the road less known on a journey to identify themselves in the rap game and in life. Together Izzy & Zeus (As MND), have toured the east and west coast, opening up for acts such as; Cory Gunz, RITTZ, Illogic, Soul Khan, Louis Logic, Ceschi Ramos, and more.

Izzy debuted his first solo attempt “Dinner With My Enemies” on April, 19th 2015. The project was self-produced along with the help of The Social Experiment’s (Chance the Rappers Band) producer, Nate Fox. After releasing his debut album he was able to garner some attention. Izzy has been featured on radio stations such as; Pittsburgh, PA Area: CAL U Radio, WAMO, UK AREA: Itch FM, and New Haven, CT Area: the Psych Word Radio Show. He was also interviewed on BREALTV’s Syndicated Mind Trip Show w/ Eddie B Swift.

Izzy also attended the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH in Summer 15′ where he learned the basics of sound engineering. He has used the skills he acquired from the work shop to improve his level of expertise in producing and recording, and has started working with artists outside of the BCB Family.

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