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Joshua Thomas

zeusyrific dos

Joshua “Zeus” Thomas from Middle Name Danger, & Funeral Games is a rapper/producer/singer/songwriter and videographer. He has been a main producer of every MND and FG cd. He also has several mixtapes of tracks recorded over popular and more obscure instrumentals available for free download. He films and edits most of the BCB’s independent videos.

Zeus in Green

“My interest in music began at a young age, but I can safely say my first musical, and I suppose personal heroes were Jim Morrison and Mike Patton. To me, they’ve always represented ideal front-men, both as on-stage and off-stage personalities. Jim was a master with the words, the emotion, and dark mystery that flowed through his lyrics and poetry. The dark realism and the raw emotion drew me to The Doors as a youth, and I’ll likely never part ways with their inspiration. As for Mike Patton, and the numerous groups and projects he’s been in, for me he was the technical master. He could sing any genre, and bend his voice to compliment them all. I always aspired to have that natural ear and fine-tuned ability to command my vocal chords to do as I wanted. And of course, the both of them were unique, intelligent rebels that I felt I could identify with. As for hip-hop, the first artist I can ever really say that I got down with would be Del The Funky Homosapien. I was all about the Gorrilaz first CD when it came out, and of course, “Clint Eastwood” was my favorite song. Then one day I was playing one of the Tony Hawk pro skater games and I recognized the rapper on the soundtrack as the same MC from “Eastwood”. After that I dug into the dudes back catalog, and it only took one listen to the song “Eye Examination” to know that I had stumbled upon something great. A rap song that starts with a clip from the classic 70’s “The Hobbit” cartoon, complete with a punctuating psychedelic bass? And subject matter I can actually relate to? That was a big deal to me at the time, especially through rap music, because I still feel there is no other type of music that speaks (or that can speak rather) so directly to the listener from a narrative or informative perspective. I don’t care who you are, there’s a rapper out there that can relate to your shit, and it can be like a new friend to have one sided conversations with, which lead you to your own thoughts and epiphanies.
So finding out that yes, there are rappers out there talking about what I cared about, and how I thought was the beginning of my foray into hip-hop. I could go on to list the countless heroes and legends of the genre, and of course those daring enough to break down genres altogether (something I see as the mark of a true musician) but I would have to take the next several days. I do, however have to mention my biggest inspiration as a rapper, a freestyler, writer, and human being, Eyedea of the Ryhmesayer’s group, Eyedea & Abilities. Speaking of an artist that truly had something to say to me, Eyedea was the first person I heard that intelligently side-stepped all hip-hop’s genre conventions and spoke to me directly in a way I’m not sure any other artist could have. His unique insight and amazing skill have had a profound way on the aesthetic that I approach music and thought with.”

– Joshua “Zeus” Thomas

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